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July 2022 Insights

July Insights From the Lending Industry

Confidence Remains High in Secured Lending Industry Quarterly Report Shows

Small Business Loan Approval Rates from Most Lenders Rise in March“Confidence in the asset-based lending market was positive in the first quarter but banks and other lenders are watchful of an economy that shows a mix of highs and lows, according to data released by the Secured Finance Network. SFNet surveyed bank and non-bank asset-based lenders (ABLs) on key indicators for its quarterly Asset-Based Lending Index and SFNet Confidence Index.”

Core modernization for commercial lending

Commercial Factor Q&A: Facing New Challenges in the Operations World“THE convergence of customer self-service, along with technology advancements, makes a case for commercial lending core modernization. Relationship managers (RMs) have been the heart and soul of commercial lending. Historically, banking success relied on the competence of RMs to acquire new clients, build strong relationships, and cross-sell products and services to other areas of the bank.”

Commercial Factor Q&A: Cybersecurity in an Increasingly Uncertain Landscape

The State of the Cloud Transition in Financial Services“In the wake of the continued conflict in Ukraine, Commercial Factor spoke with Mark Watkins and Christopher Hart, both directors for Equiniti Riskfactor, about how factors can improve their cybersecurity measures, especially in the face of geopolitical upheaval.”

The digitalisation of the financial services industry is accelerating

The 7 transformational technology trends to revolutionize the financial sector in the post-pandemic eraWhile technology has been the dominant driver of growth and innovation in the financial services industry for decades, its impact is getting deeper and more profound. In short, financial services technology is currently in the midst of a profound transformation.”

June Commercial Chapter 11 Filings Rise 29% Y/Y

SFNet's Asset-Based Lending, Factoring Survey Reveals Year of Growth“The 447 commercial chapter 11 filings in June represented a 29 percent increase from the 347 filings in June 2021, according to data provided by Epiq Bankruptcy, the leading provider of U.S. bankruptcy filing data. Overall commercial filings decreased 7 percent in June 2022, as the 1,864 filings were down from the 1,999 commercial filings registered in June 2021.”