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Cync Spreading 2.0

Automatically Spread Tax Returns & Financial Statements in Seconds!

Supercharge your spreading processes with Cync Spreading for streamlined financial analysis resulting in expedited approval processes and faster funding.

Create Custom Dashboards with Real-Time Analytics

Cync Spreading includes more than two dozen data visualizations and reports for real-time insights across your entire portfolio. Put your team first by customizing layouts by role and curating lists of reports to share to meet the needs of Credit Analysts, Portfolio Managers, and more!

Looking for user-centered reports? “My Analytics” provides comprehensive reports that are tied specifically to the user’s profile.

Cync Software also offers Reporting as a Service—a full-service option for custom reports to provide even the most granular insights for time and process optimization. Request a demo with our team to discuss what Cync Reporting as a Service can do for you!

Cync Spreading Dashboard Portfolio Manager

No-Code Self-Service Administration Capabilities for Maximum Uptime

Empower your team and optimize your adoption rate with self-service administration capabilities, allowing flexible, codeless management of templates and core aspects of the application to get the team up and running in seconds. Request a demo to see for yourself!

  • Administrative Empowerment

    Get the autonomy required for codeless template creation and administration that aligns with risk appetite, lending policies, and analytics.

  • Time Savings

    Eliminate the need for manual intervention by allowing users to perform routine tasks, reducing the workload on administrators.

  • Cost Savings

    Cut down on support costs and time spent on repetitive tasks with automation and APIs, allowing resources to work more strategically.

  • Consistent Reporting

    Codeless management allows values to scale across microservices, making enhanced reporting both scalable and reliable.

Eliminate Downtime with Self-Service Management for Critical Processes in Financial Analysis

File Management

Create custom metadata fields, categories, and document types with best-in-class digital asset management for all lending services.

Spreading Management

Create codeless spreading templates in seconds with custom statement selections and field creation for Individual, C&I, and Real Estate spreads.

Covenant & Tickler Management

Self-service covenant and tickler creation has never been easier! Create standard covenants at the management level for accurate reporting and generate ticklers with your messaging, by your rules.

Profile Management

Easily customize user roles and permissions along with application-wide settings to enhance your security through role-based access controls (RBAC).

Meet Your Relationship Command Center

Get 360º insights you never thought possible with modules that offer comprehensive views and analysis based on affiliations—all with a secure file management system that integrates seamlessly with third parties and platform microservices. This is the command center for all relationship management.

Are you looking for new financial insights? Request a demo today to see what our Relationships module has to offer.

  • Launchpad for Any Task, Any Function

    Request documents, credit scores, and more—all from one location

  • In-Depth Affiliations

    Build a comprehensive network for relationship-driven insights

  • File & Document Management

    Securely store documents for tracking, compliance, and accountability

  • Automated Spreading & Analysis

    Create GAAP-compliant spreads with automation for analysis in seconds

  • Covenants & Ticklers Management

    Take action and mitigate risk with time-saving automation and transparency

Automatically Spread Financials in Seconds

Import Financial Documents

Upload or import financial documents from the relationship directly into the spread with the ability to add metadata—making sorting and searching financial data much easier.

Automatically Spread Financials

Our automated spreading solution leverages artificial intelligence and a game-changing UI that empowers experts to spread tax returns AND financial statements with confidence.

Analyze, Report, Decide

Take advantage of in-cell commenting, automated projections, and custom ratios to take the guesswork out of financials, all in a GAAP-formatted spread that aligns with the lender's risk appetite.

Ready to Supercharge Your Spreading Automation?

  • Commercial (C&I) Spreading

    Spreading balance sheets and income statements from tax returns and financial statements has never been easier!

  • Real Estate Spreading

    Automatically spread property cash flow and rent roll statements from tax returns and financial documents.

  • Individual Spreading

    Automatically spread personal tax returns and respective schedules for a comprehensive view of financials.

Reduce Spreading Time by 80% with Real Insights & Analytics

Cync Spreading will automate your spreading process and see how your borrowers’ financials stack up against industry peers with our Risk Management Association (RMA) integration, and generate reports with informative data visualizations—all in a matter of seconds! Automated spreading capabilities are constantly being enhanced to take your financial reporting and analysis to the next level. Request a demo today to see what Cync Software can do for you.

With Automated Covenants & Ticklers, Portfolio Monitoring Has Never Been Easier





Looking for a way to effortlessly monitor relationships with curated reports and engaging data visualizations?

Our Covenants & Ticklers feature allows lenders to create and monitor relationship-specific covenants and ticklers, automating the tracking process.

With automation, lenders simply need to verify the evaluation of a covenant, streamlining the process and helping to ensure accurate compliance reporting, internal reviews, and regulatory exams.

With a real-time connection to the customer portal, ongoing tickler document collection is both convenient and effective.

Request a demo today to expand your team’s capabilities risk mitigation.

Covenant Report Example

The Most Comprehensive File Management in Commercial Lending

File management doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, arduous process. Request a demo today to see how easy it is to manage all of your files in a secure, cloud-based environment that your team first.
Painless File Management
  • Customize Document Types, Document Types, & Metadata

  • Upload Files Directly from the Dashboard

  • Track Approval Status, Activity, and More

  • Easily Search, Locate, and Preview Documents & Images

  • Confirm Mapped Financial Documents & Open Spreads

Your Portal for Document Request Optimization

Our secure, easy-to-use Cync Portal offers an inviting experience for all parties to experience transparent communication, provide documentation, and eSign documentation for fast and efficient approval.

Request a demo today to see what our portal can do for you.

  • Optimal Security in a Branded Environment

  • Transparent Communication with All Parties

  • eSign, Check Approval Status, Activities, and More

Cync Integrations Are Open for Business

Cync Software offers an integration framework that allows lenders to safely and securely hook into open APIs. Looking for a specific integration? Request a demo to see what our integrations team can do for you.

Tableau : The Dashboards & Analytics features integrate with Tableau Data Prep and Tableau Cloud, creating easy-to-use, lightweight reports, and eye-catching visualizations. The ability to choose custom layouts allows users to select multiple visualizations, resulting in a comprehensive dashboard that can be shared amongst team members.
Risk Management Association (RMA) : Cync® Spreading’s integration with the Risk Management Association (RMA) allows lenders to compare the financial statements of their borrowers with RMA’s Annual Statement Studies® and import the latest, most up-to-date ratios to ensure that calculations meet the industry standards set by RMA as the comprehensive source of risk management tools and education.
Experian : Cync LOS integrates with Experian, a consumer credit reporting agency, to automatically pull credit scores into the Cync LOS application, allowing lenders to make decisions based on the most up-to-date data.
TransUnion : Cync Software's integration with TransUnion provides direct consumer reporting for lenders to make decisions.
Codat : Customers can connect to Codat in just a few minutes without a custom connection. Codat keeps records synced in a configured interval and Cync LOS pulls the invoices from Codat whenever required via the Cync Spreading feature that engages with Codat for mapping statements from a borrower’s accounting software directly into LOS.
Plaid : Cync Software's integration with Plaid allows users to authorize access to their financial information by connecting their bank accounts, enabling Cync Spreading to have the most up-to-date information for financial analysis.
Alloy : Our Alloy integration helps banks and fintechs automate and manage their decisions for onboarding, ongoing fraud & AML monitoring, and more.
DocuSign Integration : Docusign gives lenders the ability to send documents to customers for review and electronic signature without having to go through the hassle of printing and mailing physical copies. Docusign allows lenders to manage electronic agreements with borrowers, guarantors, or other entities.

Ready to Optimize Your Spreading Analysis?